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Bandas Liquid World


Ban­das under­wa­ter world is just unbe­liev­ably stun­ning. The coral is still intact and there are fish every­where. Among other mar­ine life you can see sharks and turtles, great bar­rac­cuda, dog tooth tuna, clown trig­ger­fish, squid and napo­leon wrasses while just snork­ling. The walls, that start just a few meters off the beaches are so deep you can’t see the bot­tom, not even when you have 50 m vis­ib­il­ity and free­d­ive down to 25 m! Diving must be awe­some there!! While I was there the one dive school on the islands was closed due to ramadan. No guides would go in the water, cause obvi­ously you will get little amounts of water into your mouth and that counts as drink­ing! Just one more reason to go back to those charm­ing islands… Con­tinue read­ing

Beautiful Banda — A Short History

For a very long time the Bandanese people had it extremely good. There was no raja or king or whatever to tell them what to do. Only Orang Kaya, vil­lage eld­ers, but they were…, well, old! So Life was great! They were in the unique pos­i­tion, that their little group of islands was the only place in the world, where nut­meg and mace grew nat­ur­ally. They traded with Arabs, Chinese and Malay, made a good liv­ing off it and, because grow­ing nut­meg does not actu­ally involve much phys­ical work, spend their time fish­ing or hanging out in the shade on the beach with friends. Con­tinue read­ing