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Cañón del Sumidero


In the sum­mer of 2004 I star­ted my trip to Mex­ico explor­ing the fed­eral state of Chiapas (Estado Libre y Sober­ano de Chiapas). One of the first places I have vis­ited has been the Cañón del Sum­i­dero on board of a boat. It is a nar­row canyon with an enchant­ing mul­ti­fa­ceted river with a dense veget­a­tion, rapa­cious mon­keys and cro­codiles. The cañón’s walls are not only as high as 1000 meters but also 14 km long fin­ish­ing with the dike Chi­coasén. Con­tinue read­ing

Canon del Sumidero: Face of a Mayan


This pic­ture was taken in the Canon del Sum­i­dero in Chiapas Mex­ico dur­ing the sum­mer of 2004. The rock pat­tern com­bined with the dense veget­a­tion and the water flow­ing down the canyon drew a fant­astic and incred­ible pic­ture. Doesn’t it look like the pro­file of a Mayan face? Con­tinue read­ing

Chiapas Mexico: Crocodile in the Canon del Sumidero


Dur­ing my trip to Mex­ico in the sum­mer of 2004, my first stop was the Canon del Sum­i­dero in Chiapas. Many spe­cies can be found in the canyon: mon­keys, her­ons, egrettes and sea crows. There are also very beau­ti­ful cro­codiles. In the photo you can see one just gone out of the water after a refresh­ing bath. More than 2 meters long, it weighs more than 900 kg. The teeth are well evid­ent, eager to eat small mam­mals, fish, bugs, birds, snails, frogs and also car­rion. Con­tinue read­ing