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Fraser Island — One Huge Sand Island

Fraser Island is situ­ated just off Her­vey Bay. It is the largest sand island in the world and one huge play­ground for boys and their big toys. Girls love it as well, although they don’t seem to share the same enthu­si­asm when it comes to driv­ing a 3 ton Toyota Land­cruiser through soft sand and up and down steep hills. Con­tinue read­ing

Shit Happens…

When I got back from Indo I decided to pick up the car we had left with work col­leagues of friends. It wouldn’t start. Found this guy who figured that the smart lock was on con­stantly and he showed me a way how to hotwire and basic­ally steal my own car. Since I got quite a few weird looks from passers-by whenever I pulled my little hotwir­ing trick I thought it’d be a good idea to get it fixed. Then I man­aged to find three people to share the costs with. On the morn­ing we were sup­posed to leave Dar­win the bloody car didn’t start. Again. Went back to the mech­anic and appar­ently there were ants in the elec­trics. Got that sor­ted and we all left the day after that. That was a Sat­urday… Con­tinue read­ing

3000 Interesting Km Of Boredom


It all star­ted with Domi­n­ique and me think­ing that 3000 km is too long to drive. That’s when we looked into fly­ing to Dar­win, but we soon dis­covered that a one way flight is around 400 to 500 AUD. Far too expens­ive for our lik­ing. That same day we star­ted to make a little flyer, copied it and handed it out to back­pack­ers and put it up in hos­tels and inter­net cafes around Cairns. We didn’t actu­ally expect many people to call, but appar­ently there are loads of people look­ing for a lift to the Top End, as we got flooded with requests. Con­tinue read­ing

Indonesian Consulate — Darwin


The indone­sian con­su­late in Dar­win, Aus­tralia, is situ­ated just off Mitchell Street (the main back­packer street) on 20 Harry Chan Avenue. It is open for visa mat­ters from Monday to Fri­day 9.30 to 16.00. A two month visa sets you back 60 AUD and will take approx­im­ately three work­ing days. You will need a pass­port that is valid for at least another six months, two pass­port pho­tos and your flight itin­er­ary, show­ing that you have an onward ticket out of Indone­sia. The visa forms can be down­loaded before­hand on the con­su­late web­site. As always when deal­ing with embassies and con­su­lates it is best to dress prop­erly with long trousers and closed shoes, so you will not be refused entry! Con­tinue read­ing

Cairns Interlude


Just spent 10 days in Her­vey Bay, where I went to see two very good friends of mine, Jeff and Emma. I had worked together with both of them in Indone­sia and it was great see­ing them again. We didn’t do any­thing, except drink­ing lots of beer, work­ing on our tan, cook­ing lots of great food and hav­ing loads of fun! Con­tinue read­ing

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