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Indian Rails


I am always sur­prised at how effi­cient and friendly the Indian rail reser­va­tion people are. 5 minutes in their office and I left with a 300 Rupee ticket for an overnighter from Mum­bai to Goa, leav­ing tomor­row night. Saves me a nights accom­mod­a­tion as well! Really look­ing for­ward to the beach now!

The Golden Temple, Amritsar, India


Today I went to the Golden Temple in Amrit­sar. This is basic­ally for Sikhs what the Vat­ican would be for Cath­ol­ics. The atmo­sphere in that temple is abso­lutely amaz­ing. There are people bathing in the lake and wor­shipers pray­ing on their knees, a kit­chen that feeds any­body who is hungry no mat­ter what nation­al­ity or reli­gion and a dorm, where you can stay for free for up to three days. Con­tinue read­ing

Iran — Pakistan Visas

In a couple days I will start trav­el­ling back home to Ger­many. I decided to do that over­land, rather than tak­ing a flight. The jour­ney will take me among oth­ers through Pakistan and Iran. These are the only coun­tries along the way I need to get visas before­hand. It’s not as straight­for­ward get­ting those visas, so I decided to write up my exper­i­ence to help out oth­ers. Keep in mind that the pro­ced­ure and the price vary for dif­fer­ent nation­al­it­ies, so it’s always best to apply well in advance (read: not like me at the last pos­sible moment). Con­tinue read­ing

A Camel Safari In The Thar

After Jodh­pur I decided to go get myself a nice calm camel and ride around a bit in the desert. For that pur­pose I took another sleeper train to Jais­almer, maybe 100 km away from the bor­der to Pakistan. The 10 hour ride turned into 14 and we arrived around noon in the sleepy but tourist-infested desert town. On the train I had met a couple guys, Tom and Mar­tin, from Slov­akia and the Czech Repub­lic. Together with a few other trav­el­lers we got suckered into stay­ing at the Hotel Henna, des­pite my bet­ter judge­ment. Not only that, but we were all so dead tired, that we couldn’t be bothered shop­ping around for a desert tour. Tom, Mar­tin and I ended up book­ing an overnight tour, includ­ing lots of dif­fer­ent things to see on the way to the desert, none of which happened in the end. But then, get­ting ripped off is part of the trav­el­ling life­style, right? Con­tinue read­ing

Jaipur And The Forty Thieves

When I left Mum­bai I took a twenty hour train jour­ney to Jaipur, the cap­ital of Rajasthan. A lot of Rajasthan is part of the Thar, a desert that stretches into Pakistan to the west. After I had dumped my bags in my room I decided to explore the city a bit on foot. Many inter­est­ing things hap­pen while you try to get lost in a new city. This time, though, I got truly lost. From far away I had seen an impress­ive fort up on a hill and I walked towards it. While try­ing to find the entrance to it I man­aged to get myself fur­ther and fur­ther into little side streets away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets. Con­tinue read­ing

Dharavi — A Slum In Mumbai

After a few days in Mum­bai the city star­ted to grow on me. There’s a lot of things to do and the food is just great. After the movie film­ing I heard a few people talk­ing about the slum tours. About 55% of Mum­baikers live in some kind of slum. One of these slums, Dharavi, has just been made fam­ous by the movie Slum­dog Mil­lion­aire and it is exactly this slum that you can take a tour in. Con­tinue read­ing

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