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Family Holiday — Pulau Tioman

My brother works at the air­port in Munich and he gets good travel deals out of it, so when we arrived at their hotel in KL I couldn’t believe my eyes. The thing stood almost next to the Pet­ro­nas Towers and the lobby was all marble and people call­ing me ‘Sir’ although I was still in my ter­ror­ist dis­guise. I have to say I did feel a bit uncom­fort­able, so the first thing I did in that shiny bath­room was shave, head and beard. And maybe shop­ping wasn’t such a bad idea after all! Con­tinue read­ing

Family Holiday

It had been a long time since I had seen any of my fam­ily. Almost one and a half years. I was a bit appre­hens­ive and sweat­ing quite badly when I ran into the arrival hall. I had to run, because I was really late. When I booked the bus ticket to the air­port, nobody had told me that there are two ter­min­als and that those two ter­min­als are ages apart from each other. I had to run like crazy after the second bus that would take me to KLIA. That’s why I was sweat­ing, not because of the appre­hen­sion. Con­tinue read­ing

Urban Art In KL


I love graf­fiti. They seem to talk to me. Today, while wan­der­ing through Kuala Lum­pur, I found a whole wall covered in really excel­lent pieces. It being part of a car park I could only really get one good pic­ture. I hope you like it… Con­tinue read­ing