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Sufi Night


A couple of months ago I was in Lahore. At the time my laptop didn’t work as it should, so I never got round to edit­ing the video foot­age I took from the Sufi Night. It hap­pens every Thursday and you get to see some of the best Sufi dan­cing and drum­ming on the sub­con­tin­ent. Con­tinue read­ing

Crossing Into Iran

After sur­viv­ing the ban­dit coun­try that sup­posedly is north­ern Bal­uchistan (Quetta to Taf­tan) without any incid­ent we arrived at the Pakistani-Iranian bor­der in our shiny new pink bus. I guess that the ban­dits thought that no self-respecting trav­el­ler would stoop so low and hide behind bright pink. Con­tinue read­ing

A Pakistani Wedding

Back in Lahore tem­per­at­ures climbed to between 40 and 45 degrees. And if that wasn’t bad enough Pakistan prac­tices elec­tri­city off­load­ing so almost every other hour we were without any juice and there­fore no fans either. The only way to deal with this was to do abso­lutely noth­ing dur­ing the day but replen­ish your lost flu­ids and get act­ive dur­ing the even­ings. Con­tinue read­ing

A Mosque In The Old City, Peshawar, Pakistan


This mosque in Peshawars old city was bril­liant. Not because it looked espe­cially nice, but because it had a madrassa inside and me and Joe spend maybe an hour just watch­ing the kids there, being kids and fool­ing around and the teach­ers hit­ting them on the head. Con­tinue read­ing

Streetfood, Peshawar, Pakistan


Wherever you go in Pakistan you can have deli­cious food from street stalls. One of my favor­ite was fried liver with toma­toes and chil­lies close to the old city in Peshawar. The best thing ever is to wash it down with a cold and refresh­ing mango or straw­berry shake… Con­tinue read­ing

Old City, Peshawar, Pakistan


An old man selling his veget­able at the mar­ket in Peshawar. The Old City here is another place to get totally lost in. There are many little corners, small mosques and many fruit juices to dis­cover. Just be aware of the dangers, read the occa­sional bomb going off around the city. Nev­er­the­less, Peshawar is an amaz­ing place and is basic­ally the only place in Pakistan where you can observe the tri­bal areas without actu­ally going into them. Con­tinue read­ing

Crossing Shandur Pass Or Somewhere Close To It

When we arrived back in Gil­git Joe, Jakko, a Finnish trav­el­ler and I decided to cross over to Chitral and onwards to the Kalash Val­ley to visit the spring fest­ival and sample some of the fiery local wine (that last point might have been the main reason, Pakistan being mainly a dry coun­try). Unluck­ily for us, the snow this year had arrived late and the pass across was still closed for vehicles. This meant that we had to cross on foot. None of us was plan­ning on doing the walk twice, so we had to take all our gear with us Con­tinue read­ing

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